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Recreational Cooking Classes

We offer classes for the art of cooking and the art of baking.

chefs in class learning

Art of Cooking

Next classes start Monday Nov 18th, Monday evenings at 6:30pm – Individual classes $100.00 each
Sign-up for all 8 recreational cooking classes and SAVE 10%!!!
  • Stocks/Soups/Sauces – November 18, 2019
    Let us show you how to make your own stock, soups and sauces from scratch, to warm you up this winter!
  • ‘Penne’ For Your Thoughts – November 25, 2019
    Learn the joys of making your own pasta. You will learn the tricks to making basic pasta dough that can be turned into amazing dishes!/li>

  • Let’s Beef It Up! – December 2, 2019
    Cooking proteins like a pro can be a hard feat, but with the right seasonings and the ideal cooking method, this class will walk you through the basics under the guidance and supervision of our chef instructor in creating mouth-watering meats, worthy of meal stardom!/li>

  • Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner – December 9, 2019
    Home cooks are often intimidated when faced with cooking poultry. It is easier than you think to make your chicken dishes mouth-watering and delicious creating a winner every time!
  • 2020 CLASSES

  • A Man’s Best Friend – Sidekicks –January 11, 2020
    A meal is never complete without some sort of starch. You will learn how to turn a boring old potato or starch into something worth the carb count. We will cover some tips and tricks on how to pair your starchy sides to the proper protein, and teach you creative spins on your classic starch dishes!
  • Catch of the Day – January 18, 2020
    Fish is the cornerstone of every good diet; learn how to make it interesting with this healthy cooking class!
  • Porky Pig – January 25, 2020
    Pork, the second white meat. Learning the best cooking methods and how to season to bring out the most flavour are techniques every home chef should master. Join the chef instructor and get some practice coking this ‘other’ white meat!
  • Chef’s Theme Night – Feb 3, 2020
chef making dessert

Art of Baking

Next Baking series starts Tues Nov 12th 6:30 – 10:30 pm,
Sign-up for all 12 recreational cooking classes and SAVE 10%!!!
  • Quick Breads – November 12, 2019
    Learn the different mixing and production methods for Muffins and Biscuits
  • Pies – November 19, 2019
    Learn how to make doughs from scratch and the assembly and baking
  • Lean Yeast Doughs: Straight Doughs – November 26, 2019
    Learn the mixing methods, controlling fermentation and producing handcrafted breads
  • Pastry Basics – December 3, 2019
    Learn the basics in pastries
  • Special Holiday Baking class – December 10, 2019
    Various holiday treats
  • Special Holiday Baking class – December 17, 2019
    Various holiday treats
  • Baking Cookies – January 7, 2020
    Learn the different types of cookies and the makeup and mixing methods
  • Bars & Squares – January 14, 2020
    Learn a variety of bars and squares
  • Rich Yeast Doughs – January 21, 2020
    Learn the different formulas for sweet, rich and laminated doughs
  • Custards, Puddings, Mousses and Soufflés – January 28, 2020
    Learn the difference between custards and puddings
  • Cake Mixing and Baking – February 4, 2020
    Learn the principles of cake mixing and the variety of cakes
  • Assembling and Decorating Cakes – February 11, 2020
    Assembling and preparing icing for simple and specialty cakes along with basic decorating techniques

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