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Recreational Cooking Classes

We offer classes for the art of cooking and the art of baking.

chefs in class learning

Art of Cooking

Monday evenings at 6:30pm – Individual classes $100.00 each
Sign-up for all 8 recreational cooking classes and SAVE 10%!!!
  • 1st Class – Knife Skills, safety in the kitchen & stocks, soups, and sauces
  • 2nd Class – Let’s Beef it up!
  • 3rd Class – Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!
  • 4Th Class – Catch of the day!
  • 5th Class – Porky Pig!
  • 6th Class – Penne for your thoughts!
  • 7th Class – A meals best friend – Sidekicks!
  • 8th Class – A sweet touch!
chef making dessert

Art of Baking

Sign-up for all 12 recreational cooking classes and SAVE 10%!!!
  • 1st Class – Quick Breads
  • 2nd Class – Savoury Yeast Breads
  • 3rd Class – Sweet Yeast Breads
  • 4th Class – Sour Dough Breads
  • 5th Class – Sweet & Savoury Pies
  • 6th Class – Sweet Pastries
  • 7th Class – Savoury Pastries
  • 8th Class – Cookies
  • 9th Class – Cakes and Frostings
  • 10th Class – Custards and Creams
  • 11th Class – Frozen Desserts
  • 12th Class – Fruit Desserts & Sauces

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